PWC Adapter Plate

  • PWC Adapter Plate

$ 399.00

DEFY Adapter Plates are machined to be PWC specific, which greatly increases the plates strength and longevity.  Most hydroflight adapter plates are full of stretched and overlapping holes that are needed to fit all possible PWC makes with the same plate. This excess of machining weakens the plate, and leads to cracking or complete failure near the drilled holes.

DEFY machines only the holes you'll need for your specific PWC, which results in a much stronger adapter plate that won't need occasional welding or replacement. PWC specific Adapter Plates also mean you don't need to carry around a bag of spacers and washers in order to fit your specific PWC.

Your Adapter Plate will come with the bolts required for attachment to your selected PWC. Our Adapter Plates are compatible with all hydroflight attachments from Flywerks and Powerfly Products.