DEFY JetDeck X2 (part 2)

$ 300.00

Hydroflight for the Masses

The DEFY JetDeck X2 is DEFY's entry level platform, but it packs a punch. With fully independent feet, a compact but hydro-efficient T-Pipe, and a slew of other features, the X2 competes head-to-head with our competitor's high-end boards.

One of the most exciting features of the X2, is that it can be upgraded to the revolutionary X3 by replacing the T-Pipe with the 3rd axis assembly. This means that if you're new to the sport, you can get in the air for less, then upgrade at a later point.

The JetDeck connects to the rear of almost any personal watercraft, and uses the thrust of the impeller to lift the rider up to 40+ feet in the air. This is the pinnacle of hydroflight technology and is a must-have for anyone seeking the ultimate experience of freedom in the air.


Agile, Intuitive Movement: Freeing up the feet to move independently provides an intuitive flight experience that's perfect for beginners, but also opens the door to more advanced maneuvers and fast spins. Learn More...

Elliptical Nozzles: DEFY's signature nozzle shape provides more thrust and creates a beautifully shaped stream that minimizes hose interference.Learn More...

JETDECK X2 Package Includes:

JetDeck 2-axis Board

65' DEFY Hose

180 Degree Connector

PWC Adapter Kit

You'll Also Need:

150+ Horsepower PWC

Wakeboard Style Bindings

Life Jacket



Independent Foot Movement

Increased control for advanced maneuvers and fast spins.

Elliptical Nozzles

More thrust, less hose interference, and a sweet look.

Universal Binding Mounts

Attach any type of wakeboard bindings to customize your ride and feel.

Integrated Frame Handle

Easier to transport and pull out of the water... and it looks nice with the sun setting behind it.