DEFY JetDeck (Part 1)

  • DEFY JetDeck (Part 1)

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  • Overview

    As of May 2015, it's all yours kids! The DEFY JetDeck is the most advanced waterflight platform in the world, with a combination of features that provide the rider with more agility, control, and freedom than any other personal flight product.

    The JetDeck connects to the rear of almost any personal watercraft, and uses the thrust of the impeller to lift the rider up to 40+ feet in the air. This is the pinnacle of waterflight technology and is a must-have for anyone seeking the ultimate experience of freedom in the air.


    Agile, Intuitive Movement: Freeing up the feet to move independently provides an intuitive flight experience that's perfect for beginners, but also opens the door to more advanced maneuvers and fast spins. Learn More...

    Unparalleled Flight Freedom: Our patent pending Rocker Link system provides a true free flight experience, eliminating the need to constantly fight against or worry about kinking a stiff supply hose.Learn More...

    Elliptical Nozzles: DEFY's signature nozzle shape provides more thrust and creates a beautifully shaped stream that minimizes hose interference.Learn More...

    What People are Saying

    "The JetDeck feels completely untethered in a sport that by nature requires you to be attached to a hose. Nothing else even compares."

    - Carson Garrett

    JETDECK Package Includes:

    JetDeck Flight Unit

    60' DEFY Hose

    180 Degree Connector

    PWC Adapter Kit

    **Shipping May 2015

    You'll Also Need:

    150+ Horsepower PWC

    Wakeboard Style Bindings

    Life Jacket