DEFY 10 Meter Booster Hose

  • DEFY 10 Meter Booster Hose

$ 719.00

Defy Booster Hose Kit

The DEFY Booster Hose Kit is an innovative product that is only available at Defy Waterflight but fits any hydroflight device.  The booster hose system was designed to offer a much safer experience for the rider and jet ski pilot.  A 10 meter, large 6" diameter hose attaches to your existing J-pipe or any other existing U-pipe(with a universal adapter kit) and creates an extra 30' distance between the rider and the PWC with out any loss of power. 


  • +30 feet distance from PWC
  • Kills Hose Loops on Flips and Spins
  • Much smoother ride for PWC pilot
  • Less Tugging on Hose and PWC
  • No More "Dog Chain"
  • Hose Spray doesn't reach PWC
  • Rider Maintains Distance During Higher Tricks