PWC Requirements:

  • 150+ horse power
  • 4-stroke engine (much better throttle modulation than a 2-stroke)
  • All manufacturers: Seadoo, Yamaha, Kawasaki

    PWC Upgrades & Add-ons

    • Dual Impeller - Skat-trak in California has developed an impeller with twice the blade surface, and a lower pitch than typical impellers.  When flying, a dual impeller will make your PWC feel like it just gained 50 horsepower.  You'll also experience less vibration from cavitation and better fuel economy. The dual impeller has the effect of shifting your PWC into a lower gear, which means that when you're riding around as a PWC, you'll accelerate much faster, but your top speed will decrease by a decent amount. We recommend upgrading to a dual impeller if the PWC you're using will almost exclusively be used for flying (this is very common).
    • Nozzle Connectors - The JetDeck ships as a complete kit with all the hardware to connect to the rear of your PWC.  If you want to switch back and forth and use your PWC as both a waterflight powerplant, and a standard PWC, there are a few companies that have developed connections that allow you to quickly re-attach a nozzle to your PWC.

    Throttle Control:

    Rider's have two options for getting power from the PWC to their feet.

    1. Operator Controlled Flight - In this scenario, the operator has control of the amount of power going to the rider, but the rider still has complete control over speed, direction, and position, and still has a decent amount of control over their own height. The operator's job is to make sure the rider doesn't come closer than 15 feet to the PWC, and if the rider comes too close, the operator lowers the rider into the water. We recommend that all riders start out with this first option.
    2. Remote Controlled Flight - Once a rider has a few hours under their belt, and has a good concept of PWC and hose management, then flying with a wireless remote is an option. Flytronics in Florida makes a remote called "the duck" which gives riders full control over throttle and starting/stopping the PWC.


    The JetDeck has standard 6" bolt spacing compatible with all wakeboard bindings. Bindings from all major wakeboard binding manufacturers will work, and we recommend using bindings that are designed to give the rider maximum flexibility.