• Independent Foot Movement

    1. Having the ability to control each foot/nozzle independently means the rider gains more control in the air and in the water. The beginner will be able to recover much quicker from mistakes and the seasoned rider can initiate faster spins and more advanced maneuvers.
    2. Steering with your feet saves the rider from having to throw their weight around or use restrictive hand nozzles when turning, just tilt your feet and watch it come around.
    3. With a simple flick of the feet you'll be spinning and carving your name in the sky.
  • The DEFY Rocker Link

    1. The Rocker Link works to isolate the rider from the stiff supply hose below and is the key element in the JetDeck's free-flight feeling. While other products only allow the rider to freely balance directly forward and backward, the Rocker Link gives the rider freedom in all 360 degrees.
    2. This "freedom" lets the rider move and balance intuitively, instead of being pulled around and wrestled by the weight of a heavy hose.
    3. Even when the hose is coming up to the rider at a steep side angle, the JetDeck maintains movement options in all directions instead of being limited by what you did 10 seconds before.
    4. With Rocker Link technology, you'll never have to worry about fighting against, or kinking the hose, just smile and ride.
  • Elliptical Nozzles

    1. DEFY's signature nozzles stretch the flow of water right before the nozzle exit, which results in a shaped stream that looks less like a garden hose, and more like a supercar exhaust. Elliptical nozzles contribute more than looks through...
    2. With the additional mobility of the Rocker Link, the JetDeck's water streams have the potential to be angled sideways directly onto the hose beneath it. Having a wider spray means that even when the hose is sticking directly out sideways, only a small portion of the jet will enter into contact with the hose. With elliptical nozzles, you can fly over the hose all day and you wont feel a thing.
    3. The elliptical shape also creates a more consistent surface for the water to push against through its final curve, resulting in less flow back-up, and higher power potential.
  • Universal Binding Mounts

    1. The JetDeck incorporates standard 6" spacing with an M6 bolt pattern, which means you can attach literally any wakeboard binding to customize your ride.
    2. DEFY recommends getting the most flexible boot possible, and one that specifically allows the rider to point their toes downward (this helps with backflips and other maneuvers).
    3. Another priority when looking for bindings is ease of entry and exit. Some newer bindings (like the hyperlite system) allow you to strap in and release like a snowboard binding, which can really come in handy.
    4. Whatever you choose to do, keep those bindings TIGHT
  • Integrated Frame Handle

    1. The JetDeck handle actually serves a dual purpose... Most importantly, it makes transportation and water entry/exit a piece of cake. Having a handle to grab onto while you're pulling the JetDeck (and a very heavy water-filled hose) out of the water was a no-brainer.
    2. The handle also adds a lot of strength to the JetDeck's crossbeam while adding minimal weight. Strength was a big ticket item for us in designing the JetDeck, and the handle is just another element that adds to the looks, the strength, and functionality.