Ever since we launched the JetDeck a few months ago, we've been inundated with hundreds of questions along the lines of:

  • How does the JetDeck fly?
  • How difficult is the learning curve?
  • What's the difference between the JetDeck and other products on the market?

We thought it'd be nice to get some feedback from riders who've flown the JetDeck (all have years of experience on multiple different products). We'll let them speak for themselves:


1. What was your first impression (good or bad) when you saw the DEFY JetDeck for the first time?

Alex Gregger - When I first saw the JetDeck I thought it was pretty rad and definitely wanted to try it out! I was just a little worried about the inner hoses not being a metal material.

Rush Bragg - It's a very clean modern looking board, the separated tubes really caught my interest and made me wonder what the point of it was. After seeing how the Y-axis swiveled, I was very excited to fly on it to see what the difference would be. I wasn't sure about how it would fly though.

Chase Finley - My first impression of the defy jetdeck was that it looked big. I thought maybe it would be harder to control or keep stable.

2. How did that first experience on the JetDeck measure up to your first impression?

Alex Gregger - My first experience on the JetDeck was amazing! I was really trying to see how the dual hoses would hold up to some abuse, and they're very solid.

Rush Bragg - Somewhat assuming it would be like any other independent-foot type board, I actually found it completely on the level with every board!  The difference maker was that extra axis that allows you to fly sideways or even hover around a little more easily.  To say the least, I was impressed!

Chase Finley - I was wrong because its actually really easy to control. Having the wider stance and being able to tilt the board to the side helps you to maneuver yourself out of trouble.

3. How would you explain the difference to someone who is already familiar with flying? Is it a huge difference, or just a small tweak (be honest)?

Alex Gregger - It's honestly a huge difference being able to be stable in spins as well as going vertical quickly.

Rush Bragg - It was just as easy to come up and balance like any other board.  Every other board has a Y-pipe that can only move forward to back, so they force you straight forward.  With the Jetdeck, there is another axis that allows you to come up going left or right without having to completely level out straight.

Chase Finley - I would say its a huge difference. The jetdeck gives the rider freedom from the hose. An for me I was just as comfortable 40ft+ as i was 5ft out of the water.

4. Is spinning on the JetDeck different than on other independent-foot boards?

Alex Gregger - The hose doesn't have to be directly underneath you in a spin like every other board on the market. The flexible pipes make it feel much more stable and spins are easier to preform.

Rush Bragg - Yeah, it is actually. Why? We go right back to that extra axis point! (Getting the drift?  It's a really great feature!) You can spin on it the same but you feel more in control of where you are when you're spinning.

Chase Finley - When spinning on independent feet boards, sometimes you get 2 or 3 spins and you start to fall. On the DEFY JetDeck I felt like I could spin for days because I'm able to adjust and stay on top of myself as I spin.

5. Does the additional movement create instability? Is this a pro’s only board, or could a beginner pick it up?

Alex Gregger - The additional movement actually makes it much easier to stabilize. It's much easier for a beginner to get up on the JetDeck because they don't need to worry about the hose nearly as much as any other board on the market.

Rush Bragg - This is definitely a hyrdoflight device for anyone.  If anyone would fly on this first I doubt you would want to fly on anything else just from the extra freedom you have with this.  :-)

Chase Finley - The additional movement of the JetDeck is different at first. So obviously if someone is familiar with flying it might take a second to get used to. Once you get used to it you wont want to get off. For beginners, I witnessed the additional movement help them to save themselves from falling a lot easier. For sure a beginner board as well as helping pros fly to their full potential.

6. Can you sum up your experience with the JetDeck in one sentence?

Alex Gregger - The JetDeck is the most advanced and coolest Hydroflight device I have ever flown in my life!

Rush Bragg - Flying freedom and can't wait to fly on it in the future!

Chase Finley - The JetDeck helped me push myself to fly in a way I didn't think was possible. I cant wait to get back on one.


Congrats for making it this far! If you have any other questions you'd like to see answered, shoot us a message and we'll get you some more rider feedback.