The DEFY JetDeck

30% lighter than the original JetDeck X3 its' revolutionary design is an upgrade in every sense of the word. Full freedom of movement, greater control, and incredible agility make this the ultimate flying machine. Our new two-axis board the X2 is also a great way to experience hydroflight with a lower entry price. Should you fly the X2 and want to upgrade to the X3, it is built with the ability to upgrade to a fully capable X3.    

Each JetDeck model comes as a complete package, or can be purchased as an upgrade to an existing hydroflight setup.

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The DEFY Difference

Wondering what makes the JetDeck such an advanced product? It's more than just marketing buzz.

The combination of independent feet and the rocker link creates a ride unparalleled in the sport.

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"Coming from the Flyboard, we were blown away by the free-flight feeling of the JetDeck, and how easy it was to learn. With so much freedom of movement, you forget the hose is even there."

- Tim Hope

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